Automotive Lead Engagement & Conversion Optimization

You're dealership is drowning in unqualified sales leads. Engage & identify buyer intent.

You're dealership is drowning in unqualified sales leads. Engage visitors & identify buyer intent.

Engaging visitors with behavioral technology, converting your users with ad unit specials, and identifying buyer intent with AutoScoreIQ™ will make your sales team and your bottom line happy.


The problem we're solving

Automotive dealerships only convert 2% of their web traffic & sell only 10% of those leads a vehicle due to low buyer intent

The average automotive dealership let's 98% of their website visitors leave without converting. Your website is the #1 source of high quality buyer intent leads. With 25,000 monthly website visitors, a $2,000 per car gross and a 10% closing rate, you're losing over $30,000 in gross per month for every 1% not converted. Without knowing buyer intent, your sales people are buried responding to people who never intended to buy a car in the first place! This is the problem; AutoLeadIQ is the solution.

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Our software works with major website & CRM providers

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AutoLeadIQ Dynamic Landing Pages
AutoLeadIQ Lead Generation Conversion Optimization Platform
Instinctive Overlays

Lead capture forms based on exit intent technology.

Capture quality leads before they exit your site

Display your model specific offers to website visitors who haven't found what they're looking for on your website, right before they jump ship. Our platform measures the behavior of your website visitors through event based modeling in order to deliver an enticing offer to the right person at the right time.

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AutoLeadIQ Lead Generation Conversion Optimization Platform
Dynamic Landing Pages

Model specific pages drive low funnel conversions.

Maximize your digital ROI with dynamic landing pages

Feature a single vehicle offer coupled with a series of vehicle offers similar to a "Specials Page". Dynamic Landing Pages can be used in conjunction with Paid Search, Paid Social and Display Creatives in order to maximize ROI on your digital advertising spend. Create offer continuity between your advertised offers and your website in order to drive conversions.

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AutoLeadIQ Instinctive Overlays
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Identify auto-intenders & prioritize your prospects

Your sales team wastes most of their time reaching out to unqualified sales leads. They're burnt out and it's hurting your bottom line. Our automotive lead scoring platform scores your leads based on key automotive indicators to reveal true buyer-intent. Give your sales team quality leads by prioritizing top prospects.

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Core platform tools

A technology so advanced it's simple. Lead engagement & conversion rate optimization tools

AutoLeadIQ Behavioral Banners

Behavioral Banners

Dynamic, behaviorally based banner ads showcasing your incentives and offers to drive engagement

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AutoLeadIQ Instinctive Overlays

Instinctive Overlays

Exit intent offers curated for the perfect audience at the perfect time with the perfect message

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AutoLeadIQ Dynamic Landing Pages

Dynamic Landing Pages

Beautifully simplistic, dynamic model specific landing pages with conversion forms drive up digital ROI

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Here's how it works

Converting more leads with AutoLeadIQ is literally a no-brainer

  1. Send the AutoLeadIQ script tag to your website provider so they can add it to your site.

    Simply load one line of code on each page of your website and our platform will do the heavy, conversion rate optimization, lifting.

  2. Create a campaign with aggressive merchandising for each ad unit in your vehicle lineup.

    Using our campaign editor, you can quickly create a conventional, lease or free form offers for each of your ad units.

  3. AutoLeadIQ strategically deploy conversion points across all pages of your site dynamically.

    Our platform targets individual users based behavioral patterns and delivers a specific model campaign across every page of your website. Each conversion point is strategically placed to drive conversions.

  4. Convert more leads on your automotive website & populate your CRM with quality prospects

    With targeted conversion points packing your website full of relevant offers and incentives, the 92% of your users who would have left your site without converting, now have a reason to convert. You get more leads; you sell more cars; you make more money. Boom.

  5. Understand what level of buyer intent your leads have with AutoScoreIQ lead scores

    We identify each lead's auto buyer intent on a scale of 1-100. We use 1,000's of data signals including current model owned, last purchase made, and financial ability to finance a vehicle to give you time saving insights.

  6. Create CRM sales processes based on AutoScoreIQ

    Taking action on lead data is key. With all AutoScoreIQ scores populating your CRM, you'll be able to setup sales processes for leads indicating high buyer-intent; ensuring that your team is focusing on those that will result in revenue for your dealership.

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