Automotive Lead Scoring

Identify buyer intent & where to focus your sales team with demographic, affinity, and financial makeup lead scoring aimed at helping you identify auto-intenders

Identify leads with auto-buyer intent and prioritize your sales process

All leads are not created equal

AutoScoreIQ measures the likelihood of an individual to be interested in purchasing an automobile in the next 6 months. We use data modeling and AI to gather key information such as the year of their current vehicle, past purchase behavior, and the likelihood of a person to be able to finance the purchase of a vehicle based on household income and demographic criteria.

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Identify automotive buyer-intent

AutoScoreIQ is an easy to understand scale from 1 to 100 within our application and within your CRM. Lower values represent an unlikely car buyer with low buyer-intent. Higher scores indicate high buyer-intent and the ability to finance the purchase of a vehicle. Using AutoScoreIQ scoring, you can give your sales team the ability to act on hot deals in a timely manner without wasting time on prospects that will never close.

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