Free for 90-days with no strings attached!

Free for 90-days with no strings attached!

Dynamic website assets for COVID-19 dealership messaging

Instantly customize and deploy relevant COVID-19 website content without help from a 3rd party. Control your website messaging and keep your customers up-to-date.

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Free for 90-days to support you during this difficult time

How COVID-19 templates work

Updated for COVID-19, AutoLeadIQ gives you the ability to display specific messaging across your website with zero coding experience, help from a 3rd party, or technical expertise.

Create a custom banner or popup campaign

Create a custom campaign (not dynamic vehicle campaign) and customize your theme, CTA, and behavior.

Select one of many COVID-19 campaign templates

Chose from one of our many COVID-19 templates featuring service specials, hours, or general messaging.

Automatically deploy on your website in seconds

After saving your campaign, dynamic assets will populate your website at key locations within seconds.

Speak to your customers

Showcase your dealership's message across desktop and mobile

It is more important than ever to communicate with your customers in a timely manner. Ensure that your message is relevant, up-to-date, and effective in communicating your dealership's standards and operating status. Cully customized COVID-19 campaigns give you the ability to deploy your message across your dealership website without any tech experience or help from a 3rd party.

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Engage your visitors

Built-in lead forms give your customers an easy way to get more information

Engaging your customers with a timely message is vital; however, giving them a quick and easy way to connect with you is critical. With built-in lead forms, your customers never have to wonder how to get in touch. As with all AutoLeadIQ assets, leads are routed to your CRM in real-time, so that your sales team can initiate the next steps quickly and easily.

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Cusomize your message

Select the perfect message with our pre-built customizable templates

Communicate with your website visitors with relevant, timely messages focused on standard COVID-19 topics such as service hours, at-home delivery, policies, and more. Each template contains high-resolution images and lead forms linked to your CRM. Getting your message in front of your audience has never been easier.

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AutoLeadIQ Templates
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AutoLeadIQ Skyscrapper

COVID-19 templates to choose from

Free for 90-days with no strings attached!

Free for 90-days! No credit card required!

Let us help your dealership during this difficult time.

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